Grid Magazine

Spring 2022

Down Arrow

Grid Magazine

Sacramento commercial real estate, development & culture

Turton Commercial’s in-house periodical, GRID Magazine, is a fun look at Sacramento commercial real estate, development, and culture. Whether landlord, tenant, professional or Sacramento enthusiast – GRID magazine has something for you.

Keep an eye out for our Spring 2022 release in the Sacramento Business Journal May 23, 2022.

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  • Get to Know the Industry
  • Interest Rates?
  • Downtown Path to Greatness
  • Local Sweet Spots
  • Idling Urban Parking Lots
  • How Urgent is That Call?
  • Analysis of Midtown's Pizzas!
  • Stocks, Crypto or Sac CRE?
  • Get to Know Local Artists
  • Legalese with Lang
  • Midtown's Victorian Buildings
  • Sac's Large Restaurant Spaces
  • Day in the Life of a Bird Scooter
  • Save Money with Multi-gen TI's
  • Suburban Legends
  • Chat with Marvin Maldonado