Matt Axford


Matt joined the team in 2020

"Would you have a great empire? Rule over yourself."

Publius Syrus


Brakes – Set, Mixture – Rich, Throttle – Cracked, Carburetor heat – Off…

With my father and grandfather coming from aviation, I wasn’t put to sleep with bedtime stories but rather checklist procedures for airplanes. From an early age this created a fascination with process and improvement. It taught me that process isn’t just what makes a good landing a great landing, it’s what makes a great landing repeatable. And this lesson became a foundation for every endeavor I’ve tackled. From sailing boats to flying planes. From racing bicycles to trading the market. Process has always been the understructure.

In life I’ve found many people confuse process with boring, encumbering, habit. A weed choking out the flourishing flower of creativity. But on the contrary, I’ve found that process is the fertile soil providing necessary nutrients, taking care of the easily forgotten minutia and allowing more time and energy to be focused on creative problem solving.

This is exactly what drew me to Turton Commercial Real Estate. A team of professionals with a time tested process. A measured framework that ensures the details are covered, allowing more freedom to deliver clever solutions to our clients, and do so in a repeatable manner. In aviation this is the difference between being at the controls and being in control.

We’re at full throttle. Sacramento is accelerating down the runway. And as we begin to lift off the only question I have is “who is your copilot?”

Real Estate Discipline: Urban Core Property Leasing and Sales – Office, Land

Turton Commercial: 2020+

Education: California State University, Sacramento

Hobbies: Racing bicycles, reading boring white papers about statistical arbitrage in the stock market, writing programs to trade on the market

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Office: 916.573.3308
2131 Capitol Ave
Sacramento, CA 95816
BRE License Number: #02124801

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