David Khedry

Senior Director

David's Focus

David believes that future success depends on the course you set now. In one word: Trajectory.

Walk the walk, to be in the know.

Don’t be surprised to find David taking a daily walk or two through the urban core to keep up with all of the on and off market activity. He uses this up to date knowledge to provide his clients with off market purchase and lease opportunities.

Hobby: Sipping local

David seeks to give light to local teas, which is often in the shadows of their highly sought after sibling, coffee. He is a tea aficionado who sniffs out local coffee houses for their typically-overlooked tea collection.

Hobby: Guitar

Catch David playing his original music at Kupros on their Tuesday open mic nights.


David specializes in taking his client's requirements and imprinting them onto the right property.

"David has been so patient and kind - he helped me find the perfect place...like a real estate therapist - way beyond the call of duty!"

Georgia Ramos
Sacramento Business Owner


A factor which affects the outcome

Trajectory determines our destination. What we put in motion now, impacts our future.

Coming from a background in consulting, I understand the importance of making money in business now and setting yourself up to make money for retirement.

I help Landlords find the right tenants to create a stable and lucrative long-term investment vehicle. I also help tenants find and design spaces that not only increase their efficiency and save them money, but also increase their revenue through branding, employee recruitment and client retention. Lastly, I help owner-occupants find the right buildings that provide the perfect balance between supporting their current business objectives and their long-term retirement goals.

Sacramento is becoming a destination city and visionaries are making it happen. The key is information and I, along with our entire team at Turton Commercial Real Estate, work hard to have the best information in the industry to identify the hidden opportunities that provide you with the greatest return on your time and money.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” Let’s meet for a coffee, a cold-pressed juice or if you twist my arm (it will not take much), a slice of pizza, to discuss your building, space requirements, and/or your investment criteria. The time is now.

Real Estate Discipline: Tenant Representation, Seller Representation, Buyer Representation, Landlord Representation

Turton Commercial: 2019+

Education: B.S. in Business Management and Administration – San Jose State University

Hobbies: Playing and recording music, Amateur photography, Super-smoothie developer

Contact David

Office: 916.573.3303
Fax: 916.471.0290

2131 Capitol Ave, Ste 100
Sacramento, CA 95816
BRE License Number: #02063469

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