Grid Magazine

Autumn 2021

Down Arrow

Grid Magazine

Sacramento commercial real estate, development & culture

Turton Commercial’s in-house periodical, GRID Magazine, is a fun look at Sacramento commercial real estate, development, and culture. Whether landlord, tenant, professional or Sacramento enthusiast – GRID magazine has something for you.

Keep an eye out for our Autumn 2021 release in the Sacramento Business Journal October 15, 2021.

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  • The Work Model Shake-up
  • Cannabis FAQ
  • My Love for Mid-Mods
  • Hierarchy of Office Needs
  • Midtown Bar Crawls
  • When You Don't Need a Broker
  • Analysis of Veggie Burgers
  • Timeline of a Good Deal
  • Grid-Adjacent Neighborhoods
  • Midtown Thrift Shops
  • Our Involvement in Sac's
  • Evolution
  • Affordable Housing = $$$?
  • Project Homekey's Potential
  • A Chat with Kevin Khasigian