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About Turton

Published on October 9, 2018

We are a boutique firm made up of fresh agents and out of the box marketers with a passion for Sacramento.

Midtown Etiquette

Published on

  1. Not-so-frequently-asked Questions.
  2. Okay vs. Not Okay
  3. Basic Bike Rules
  4. How Long is too Long to _______?

The Commercial Real Estate Mini-Glossary

Published on

A collection of commercial real estate terms confusing to the uninitiated, finally clarified!

For Retailers, Your Brand is Affected by Where You Are

Published on

It’s common knowledge that location is a key factor for retailers.

CRE. Vs. Stocks

Published on

There are plenty of articles debating whether someone should invest in the real estate or the stock market.

A Sampling of Sacramento’s Happiest Hours

Published on

Just as you wrap up that extra-long workday, you begin to lament the looming tasks tomorrow – but fear not!

A Short Story from Ken Turton

Published on

It was early one Saturday morning in December 1996 when my wife, Melissa, and I sat down over coffee and decided to map out our retirement plan.

Creative Ways to Sidestep High T.I. Costs

Published on

The cost of tenant improvements has increased by at least 50% over the last year.

Sale Marks More Progress at ‘Stonehenge’ in North Natomas

Published on October 8, 2018

North Natomas’ infamous unfinished office park won’t remain that way much longer.

Best Real Estate Projects: Ice Blocks

Published on September 28, 2018

Ice Blocks is the winner in the mixed-use category and developed by Heller Pacific.