Sean Tooke


Sean joined the team in 2017

Sean is continuously engaged in the Sacramento community and takes a genuine interest in the growth of local businesses and their owners.

Dog Whisperer:

Sean and his Maltese, Puff, can be seen strolling around The Bridge District checking out the newest developments west of the Sacramento River. A lover of all dogs, Sean will find you and your pupper the best canine friendly space in town.

Hobby: Wine tasting

Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir or Sangiovese, if its red, count him in! On weekends, Sean can be found tasting the finest varietals Northern California has to offer!

Urban exploration:

When away from his desk, Sean can be found exploring Sacramento’s finest secrets. From the best vantage points of the skyline to relics from Sacramento’s rich history, join Sean and his wife on a stroll to our city’s hidden gems.

Inside the Grid:

With a love for the urban core, Sean focuses on ways to keep life in the city buzzing. Looking to expand your business to the grid? Sean knows all the hot spots.

I was super impressed that [Sean] handled everything so well in negotiations. I wouldn't have been able to do it alone.

Molly Jupitus
Dig In Wellness


Never quit and always make progress

Newtown’s second law of motion states that acceleration of an object is caused when forces are acted upon it. The forces must be greater than the objects overall mass otherwise no movement will take place.

Now picture Sacramento as that object and imagine the forces are the artistic, creative and forward thinking minds that are progressing our city every day. The forces are not stable, they are positive and strong. With exciting new places like Golden 1 Center and DOCO, or the brand new, state of the art Ice Blocks project in Midtown, it is evident that Sacramento’s urban core is making massive strides in development.

With my love for cities and businesses, I invite you to join me for a cup of coffee at one of Sacramento’s many local roasters. Together, we can continue to accelerate Sacramento on a straight line path to greatness.

Real Estate Discipline: Tenant Representation

Turton Commercial: 2017+

Manager Paragary’s Restaurant Group: 2016-2018

Education: B.S. in Audio and Acoustics – The Art Institute of California – San Francisco

Hobbies: Wine tasting, fitness, hiking, urban exploration, photography

Contact Sean

Office: 916.573.3313
Fax: 916.471.0290
2409 L Street, Ste 200
Sacramento, CA 95816
BRE License Number: #02063940

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