Project Elevate

Elk Grove

Project Elevate

Region: Elk Grove
Use: Office / Retail
Lot Size: 20 acres
Lease or Sale: Sale
Sale Price: Negotiable

Additional information here: Project Elevate.

Turton Commercial Real Estate, as exclusive advisor, is pleased to present the opportunity to acquire the 100% fee simple interest in one 20-acre (gross, 17 acre (net) land parcel zoned for mixed-use residential/retail/office/hospitality development located in the evolving economic epicenter of the City of Elk Grove (the “Property”).

The Property is currently owned by the City of Elk Grove and is recognized by many to be one of the most desirable properties in the Sacramento Region. Its importance to the city cannot be overstated. Elk Grove has spent years carefully considering and envisioning the brand, direction, and development of the project, commonly referred to as “Project Elevate” directly adjacent to the Cities’ 56 acre “District 56” cultural and recreational center. Elk Grove is a significantly undeserved retail market relative to its impressive demographics. This is particularly true of the local and regionally operated retail, restaurants and entertainment residents crave.

Developers and development teams are encouraged to submit proposals for the purchase and development of Project Elevate by April 29, 2022. Interested buyers should review the Offering Memorandum for basic renderings and site plans that provide guidance as to the architectural design standards and branding the City seeks. The goal is to create a high-density residential environment where residents will be surrounded by regional, organically grown retail and office businesses that are easily walkable.

Please contact us directly for the offering memorandum and submittal guidelines.

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