Ferry Road


Ferry Road

Region: Freeport
Use: Land
Lot Size: 1.32 acres
Lease or Sale: Sale
Sale Price: $500,000

Ferry Road is comprised of three parcels commencing along the west side of Freeport Boulevard, a major highway connecting residents of Clarksburg, Hood, and Courtland to the I-5 freeway and the Pocket Greenhaven neighborhoods. Ferry Road leads directly up the levy towards the Sacramento River, where the remaining 55,754 square feet of riverfront land is found.

These two riverfront parcels combined with ramp access from Ferry Road represent a very rare opportunity in which all of the puzzle pieces have come together for a Marina development opportunity.

Combined Offering

Additional purchase opportunity at 8150 freeport Blvd

Just south of the riverfront parcels of Ferry Road lies a contiguous parcel, along with two others, also available for sale. As a combined offering, this opportunity includes an existing dock primed for expansion along the riverfront parcels of Ferry Road, a 2,962 square foot building home to a former local restaurant, and 103,746 square feet (2.38 acres) of total land. The combination of these two unique assets opens up numerous possibilities of dock & marina expansion with ramp access from Ferry Road, the revitalization of a local restaurant, and development with excess land.

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