Crest Theatre


Portfolio | 1011 K, 1013 K, 1015 K, 1017 K, 1021 K, and 1023 K Street

Crest Theatre Portfolio

Region: Downtown
Use: Retail / Restaurant / Office
Lease or Sale: Sale
Building Size: ±36,771 SF
Sale Price: $21,000,000

The Crest Theatre complex is comprised of six business addresses and seven tenants located in two buildings collectively referred to as the “Crest” or the “Property”. Located between 1011 – 1023 K Street, the Crest is an architecturally extraordinary 36,771 RSF consisting of seven of Sacramento’s most eclectic and successful retail and office tenants.

The Property is being offered at a price of $21,000,000 based on a 7% capitalization rate on budgeted 2024 Net Operating Income of $1,450,000.

The Property is widely considered to be one of the entertainment pillars of the central business district and a highly reliable investment.

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