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Market Info

More than just real estate

"Turton Commercial Real Estate is a firm with it's finger on the pulse of the downtown Sacramento market."

Steve Ball
BrandedSac LLC - Partner


We provide you with the best market information

Turton Commercial Real Estate’s extensive network and experience in the Sacramento Region allows us to provide clients with access to up-to-date market information to maximize the value of their commercial real estate assets.

Turton Commercial Real Estate has premium access to multiple databases and analytical websites that provide the firm with leading industry information. When combined with privileged market activity, these analytics offer clients comprehensive market information and provide them with a unique value proposition and advantage in the marketplace.

Turton Commercial Real Estate employs an Information Services Department that regularly contacts local property owners and tenants to provide respective clients with the latest and most useful information.

We consistently gather new information pertaining to:
•  Available Properties For Sale
•  Available Properties For Lease
•  Available Subleases
•  Off-Market Properties for Sale
•  Off-Market Properties For Lease
•  Comparable Lease Rates
•  Comparable Tenant Improvements
•  Comparable Incentives
(Free Rent etc…)
•  Pending Vacancies
•  Distressed Properties
•  Developments
•  Parking
•  Zoning
•  Redevelopment Overlays
•  Code Compliance